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Simba Chain
Chief Revenue Officer
Location: Remote

SIMBA Chain is a cloud-based, Blockchain-as-a-Service (BaaS) platform, enabling users across various skillsets to implement dapps (decentralized applications). These apps allow secure, direct connections between users and providers, eliminating third parties. The easy-to-use platform is tailored for users, developers, government, and enterprises to quickly deploy blockchain dapps for iOS, Android, and the web.

  • Founded: 2017
  • Headquarters: Plymouth, IN
  • Number of Employees: ~46


 It’s Complicated

  • Businesses and developers need to understand a whole ecosystem of new tech
  • Data insights are difficult and, in some cases, unattainable

 It’s Rigid

  • Direct integration to specific blockchains makes applications rigid
  • Solutions become specific, not scalable

 It’s Expensive

  • Proof of concepts can cost six figures
  • Increasing gas fees make an application costly, unsustainable, and impractical to move.


Make it Simple

  • Our graph search is simple and gives powerful insights. Even non-coders can build a smart contract

Make it Scalable

  • Build once, deploy anywhere, and scale dynamically as needed. Applications become agile

Make it Sustainable

  • Rapidly develop portable apps that are easy to migrate to more cost-effective blockchains
  • Upgrading apps is seamless, adaptable to the ever-changing crypto ecosystem



Why We're Hot
  • SIMBA Chain enables organizations to monetize and unlock the hidden value of their physical and digital assets through Smart Contracts and Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs)
  • They make it easy to build and deploy blockchain systems across multiple blockchains and data stores
  • Their platform provides a simple way to develop blockchain apps
  • 5k Users and growing- Boeing, Marines, Navy, Army, US Department of Defense, EY, SAP, Microsoft, Dow
SIMBA Chain's Competitive Advantage
  • Low-Code UI
  • Deploy on Multiple Chains
  • Smart Contract API Generation
  • Data Relationships Graph Searching
  • Enterprise Class Integration


  • Responsible for all new revenue generation, including new logo sales, cross-sales to existing clients, sales to channel partners, competitive client renewal
  • Review the Sales team territories to ensure equitable/efficient distribution
  • Focus on pipeline growth and execution
  • Proven ability to creatively develop and manage a geographically distributed sales team and successfully drive strategy, planning, reporting, and execution
  • Well versed in technologies and can speak to the resulting impact on business processes
  • An inspirational leader with proven ability to build high performing teams and foster a collaborative culture
  • Entrepreneurial, with a strong ability to work in a less-structured environment across several locations
  • Pragmatic and hard-working, hands-on approach
  • Hi EQ. Low ego


Executive Team

JOEL NEIDIG CEO & Board Member



MATTHEW SHROYER                                          Head of Legal and Operations

BRYAN RITCHIE  Chairman of the Board

STEVE O’HARA Board Member


PHIL KOEN Board Member





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