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Moichor – VP of Operations
VP of Operations
Location: Remote

We are driven by a vision that every animal has access to the highest quality diagnostics. To achieve this, Moichor has harnessed cutting-edge technology to bring advances in precision and low costs.

  • Founded: 2019
  • Headquarters: San Francisco, CA
  • Number of Employees: 30
  • Funding: $14M

Moichor is a passionate team of biologists, engineers, and clinical pathologists dedicated to disrupting animal medical diagnostics. Our team is building AI solutions in a diagnostics lab setting to provide veterinarians with faster, more precise, and insightful information for assessing their patients. We are a well-funded startup backed by Y-Combinator and other reputable institutions.




Moichor harnesses computer vision and AI to achieve results only made possible by high throughput image capture technology.

Born from a simple idea about improving blood tests, Moichor has grown to offer a full suite of veterinary diagnostic solutions. Its groundbreaking automated blood test for avian and exotic species was the starting point for the company.


Moichor is driving advancements in the automation of microscopy and its applications of computer vision and artificial intelligence that will enable reference ranges for species that were not previously possible.


Why We're Hot

On track to end the year with a $5.5M run rate

  • On pace to 3-4x revenue this year
  • Deal size for consolidators range in annual value from $500,000 to $20M+
  • The average sales cycle of independent is 3 months
  • 85% close rate of clinics that trial
  • In 2023, we expanded to 100+ clinics, 2x annual revenue, and processed 70,000+ tests.
  • Both in the clinic and send in testing options


This is a multi-billion dollar opportunity to replace the big market with soft, complacent, old incumbent competition that customers are eager to replace.

Animal diagnostics, a $14B industry controlled by legacy companies with a combined market cap of $130B, has experienced little innovation since 2008. Despite pets playing a critical role for 70% of US households, the use of AI and data is nearly non-existent. As a result, veterinarians are stuck with subpar and expensive diagnostics.


  • IDEXX $40B Market Cap
  • Antech Diagnostics $2.8B Market Cap
  • Annual price increases 3-5%
  • Utilize legacy technology and completely disregard data. As a result, the Moichor system catches 20% more abnormalities, leading to more revenue for vets and better outcomes



The Vice President of Operations is responsible for developing operational improvements to existing systems, increasing utilization among current customers, reducing burn, and improving gross margin.

  • Strive to achieve a $10 million annual revenue run rate by the conclusion of 2025
    • Increase the average spend per vet from ~$950 to $2000
    • Reduce Pathview onboarding and implementation time
    • Analyze operational metrics to gauge performance and make improvements, particularly in driving clinic growth both in a number of clinics and tests.
  • Improve Gross Margins to 70%
    • Implement project management tools and methodologies to improve execution
    • manage the company’s long-term vision of lab processing and location as well as day-to-day metrics of and efficiency of the lab
  • Reduce monthly burn to $100,000
    • Implement best practices in procurement, inventory management, and distribution. This includes provisioning for clinics and Moichor’s lab.
Executive Team

Executive Team

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