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SVP Sales
Location: Remote

LoanLogics provides digital mortgage solutions that improve efficiency, enhance transparency, streamline commerce and reduce risk while providing assurance and portability for lenders, investors, insurers, and servicers.

  • Founded: 2004
  • Headquarters: Jacksonville, FL
  • Number of Employees: ~129
  • Customers: 142



  • Product Expansion: Significant investment in technology to support new product capabilities and development (IDEA OnDemand, Bundled Audits)
  • Evolve Commerce Platform: Development of fully automated, configurable audit and underwriting capability
  • Data Monetization: Anonymize outputs from our data lake for mortgage indices


  • Fragmented Industry: Scale through consolidation of already fragmented
  • Unique Position: Ability to connect originators, lenders, investors, and servicers provides multiple potential paths for new acquisitions
  • Platform of Scale: Scarce asset that is neutral to LOS system with a large base customer base


  • New Lending Verticals: Leverage existing technologies to address new loan types including auto, consumer, student, and others
  • Other Document Processing: Apply tools from data extraction engine to facilitate document processing in other industries such as Healthcare, Government, Legal or Insurance



Why We're Hot

Massive Mortgage Technology Market      

  • $4B mortgage origination volume with $11T in outstanding mortgages
  • Low-interest rates are continuing to drive refinance and purchase volume
  • Shift to wholesale and correspondent markets with rise of non-bank lending

Growing Need for Digital, Automated Solutions     

  • $50B spent on origination with $10B overall mortgage tech market
  • Cost of originating a mortgage has doubled over the past 10 yrs, driven largely by personnel costs for manual processes

Large, Attractive Core Target Markets

  • $1.5B target revenue opportunity
  • Market is 50%/$746M software and 50%/$756M services
  • Future product development and expansion of the solution suite will increase total revenue opportunity

Proven Value Proposition to The Top Players in the Mortgage Industry. Clients Include

  • 1 of the top 2 Government Sponsored Entities
  • 2 of the top 5 Wholesale lenders
  • 9 of the top 25 Correspondent Investors
  • 11 of the top 25 Mortgage Servicers
  • 750 + Correspondent Lenders


  • Responsible for all new revenue generation, including new logo sales, cross-sales to existing clients, sales to channel partners, competitive client renewals
  • Manage Sales team of 5, currently. Assess the possibility of increasing the sales team
  • Review the Sales team territories to ensure equitable/efficient distribution
  • Focus on pipeline growth and execution
  • Depth of knowledge about the US mortgage lending/fintech /financial services market
  • Proven ability to creatively develop and manage a geographically distributed sales team and successfully drive strategy, planning, reporting, and execution
  • Experience building successful partnerships across the US mortgage services ecosystem
  • Well versed in technologies and can speak to the resulting impact on business processes
  • An inspirational leader with proven ability to build high performing teams and foster a collaborative culture
  • Entrepreneurial, with a strong ability to work in a less-structured environment across several locations
  • Pragmatic and hard-working, hands-on approach
  • Hi EQ. Low ego


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JOE HELFRICH EVP Chief Legal & Risk Officer





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